Cetron valves

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8020W JAN
Cetron valves
Joint Army Navy US (JAN)

Quality Mil. Spec. high-vacuum diode rectifiers manufactured in the United States by world-renowned Cetron. These 4-pin thick glass enveloppe tubes with thoriated tungsten filaments, gray plates, and bottom halo getters, are designed for use in rectifier units, voltage multipliers, and other special circuits submitted to extreme ambient temperature, high operating frequencies, high PIV, and HF transients. They are printed in red JAN 8020W CETRON MADE IN U.S.A. and coded 550A 72241 8821.




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Data sheet

CountryUSA / Canada
TypeVacuum tubes & electron tubes for audio, Half-Wave and Full-Wave Rectifier Tube, Mil-SPEC Military Specifications Tubes
Base4 pin UX4
FonctionHalf-wave rectifier