Our tubes

We offer three grades of vacuum tubes :
NOS - New Old Stock vacuum tubes are in original manufacturer’s boxes (box condition may vary, some of these are up to 80 years old !)
NB – New Bulk electron tubes are manufacturer’s new unboxed tubes, as supplied in       crates to manufacturers of radio and electronic equipment. Some tubes come from Armed Forces unused replacement electronic modules. We wrap them individually.
UT  - Used Tested radio tubes are individually tested good with no internal short circuits to minimum 80% of original specification mutual conductance (GM). Some tubes may show visual signs of age. We wrap them individually.

Over 60% of our tubes are of US/North American manufacture, a further 30% are from Western Europe (England, Germany, France, Holland and Italy), and the balance from the rest of the world (Japan, Yugoslavia, Russia etc.).

Our inventory is currently 68% NOS tubes, 24% NB tubes, and 8% UT tubes. 

Some 20% of our tubes are what is known as ‘Mil. Spec’ ( US tubes identified with suffix ‘JAN’, British tubes identified as ‘CV….’ followed by several digits, and some tubes from France). Others are identified as ‘5STAR’. These tubes are built to higher standards than regular tubes, and undergo such tests as vibration resistance, shock or G force resistance, and possessing long-life, such as 10,000 hour ratings. 

Still other tubes have special characteristics which appears in the name of the tube, such as : 'GOLD PINS', 'BLACK PLATES', 'D-GETTER', '3MICA', 'LEND-LEASE', 'SEALED', 'OVERPRINT' etc.