Tube matching

If you require tube matching, please tick the appropriate box for the tube type.

Some tubes are sold only as matched pairs; 'Quantity 1' is a matched pair. You will see this information in the detail description for the tube type.

Most tubes are matched on our Amplitrex AT-1000 tube matcher or Radioelec Duo Vac  with the latest digital technology. Those that cannot be thus matched, are matched for mutual conductance (GM) and noise on one of our mutual conductance testers (see section ‘Tube testing’).

Matching for amplifier tubes with Amplitrex AT-1000 or Radioelec Duo Vac consists of complete tests for :
--- Mutual conductance (GM)
--- Plate current (mA)
--- Noise

Matching for rectifiers consists of tests for :
--- Forward peak voltage
--- Reverse peak voltage

We ensure that emission values are within the standard of 10%, and that mutual conductance values are within the standard of 5%. Individual results for mutual conductance (GM) and plate current (mA)are printed on the box for each section of each tube.