General Electric (GE)

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General Electric (GE)

Sturdy gas filled thyratron tubes manufactured in the United States by renowned General Electric, with label indicating will replace : C6J-A/5685, EL-C6J, EL-C6J/A, EL-C6J/K, NL-760, WT-210-0063, WL-5685-C6JA. These top of the line thick glass 4 pin UX4 thyratrons with top cap, have side getters, and are glass etched 6807 U.S.A. with variable dot codes. They are printed in black on base with GE logo, GENERAL ELECTRIC 6807 MADE IN U.S.A. with Owensboro Kentucky 188-5 code and 1960's production codes. Wrapped in absorbent material, they are boxed in big GE orange and gray boxes printed 6807.


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Data sheet

CountryUSA / Canada
TypeVintage vaccum tubes, hard to find tubes and valves, Vacuum Tubes for Industrial and Medical Devices
Base4 pin UX4