National Union

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National Union
Joint Army Navy US (JAN)

Rare old top of the line Mil. Spec. audio pentodes manufactured for the Armed Forces in the United States by National Union. These 7 pin miniature glass amplifiers come with top D getters and black plates. They are printed JNU-6AK5 NATIONAL UNION MADE IN U.S.A. and glass etched 6AK5. Boxes are standard military beige printed U.S. ARMY U.S. NAVY TUBE JNU-6AK5 CONTRACT NO. NXSR-79956 JANUARY 1945.


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Data sheet

CountryUSA / Canada
TypeVacuum tubes & electron tubes for audio, Vintage vaccum tubes, hard to find tubes and valves, Mil-SPEC Military Specifications Tubes
Base7 pin miniature B7G

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