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Best quality 6-pin shoulder type pentodes 329A manufactured by Valvo in Germany between 1929 - 1945 smoked brown glass (Valvo Radiorohrenfabrik GmbH; Hamburg) identical to Western Electric WE 329A and similar to 311A and 311B (but 10v filament for those 5 pin tubes). 329A low power cathode type pentode indirectly heated 7.5 volt filaments, If 0.86 amp, have first grid connected to top cap. They were mainly used for carrier frequency and radio frequency amplifiers in military equipment, and may also be triode connected for audio amplifiers (about 2 watts identical to Western Electric 329A triode-connection).

Tubes are stamped with Valvo logo and type 329A, extremely rare in this pristine condition (World War II and before), then wrapped in corrugated cardboard and tissue paper rolls, and NOS are also in plain military boxes marked VALVO 329A. Vintage Valvo 329A is the best ever made. Tubes tested and matched on our HICKOK 6000A mutual-conductance tester and amplitrez AT-1000 with special base adapter. For many peoples this Valvo 329A smoked brown glass is the best triode 329A ever.




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TypeVacuum tubes & electron tubes for audio, Vintage vaccum tubes, hard to find tubes and valves, Mil-SPEC Military Specifications Tubes
Base6 pin UX6