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Sale! CV1064 / U14 / NU3 1930 rectifier tube View larger

CV1064 / U14 / NU3
British military (CV)
Various manufacturer

Beautiful boxed British Mil. Spec. CV1064 late 1930's production, English glass shape (big bottle) with black base, double black plates with bottom disc getter, manufactured in England for the British Navy. Upgraded version of U12 labelled AP.7403 / Valve wireless NU3/ CV1064 / 10E/11445 similar to DW4-500. Good for 120 mA up to 500 volts plate, filament: 2.5 ampere, 4 volts direct heated. Excellent driver for PX25, PX4 2A3 and more audio amplifier applications. Glass-etched MADE & PATENTED IN ENGLAND U14. One of the oldest vacuum tube in dBtubes store in pristine condition with original military box.




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Data sheet

TypeVacuum tubes & electron tubes for audio, Half-Wave and Full-Wave Rectifier Tube, Vintage vaccum tubes, hard to find tubes and valves, Mil-SPEC Military Specifications Tubes
Base4 pin UX4
FonctionFull-wave rectifier